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5. Sources

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RFID Field Guide, M. Bhuptani and S. Moradpour, Sun Microsystems Press 2005
The RF in RFID, D. Dobkin, Elsevier 2007
RFID Handbook, K. Finkenzeller, Wiley 2003
RFID Applications, Privacy, and Security, ed. S. Garfinkel and B. Rosenberg, Addison-Wesley 2006
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Web Resources:

Automated Identification and RFID:
AIM Global, www.aimglobal.org
EPCglobal, www.epcglobalinc.org
RFID Journal, www.rfidjournal.com
RFID Switchboard, www.rfidsb.com
Industry Wizards, www.rfidwizards.com
RFID Soup (glossary), rfidsoup.pbwiki.com
RFID Tribe, www.rfidtribe.com


Standards Organizations: 

ANSI, www.ansi.org
IEEE, www.ieee.org
IETF, www.ietf.org
ISO, www.iso.org


Regulatory Web Sites:

US FCC, www.fcc.gov
ETSI, www.etsi.org
Japan Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, www.soumu.go.jp/joho_tsusin/eng/laws.html
Japan Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), www.arib.or.jp/english/index.html
National Radio Spectrum Management Center, People's Republic of China, www.srrc.gov.cn/ (in Chinese)

Publications of Interest:


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Security and Privacy

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