Center for Global Automatic Identification Technologies


RFID and PolyGAIT Sign on the Outside of the Cal Poly Laboratory for Global Automatic Identification Technologies

The PolyGAIT (Global Automatic Identification Technologies) Center at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo focuses on groundbreaking research and development that leads to innovative real-world solutions. PolyGAIT is dedicated to providing the best education and training to students and industrial partners, and fostering collaboration among industry, government, and academia for the advancement of automatic identification technologies.

The PolyGAIT Center comprises a total 3500 sq ft in the Cal Poly Research and Development Center. This space consists of a full equipment inventory room, Conference room, and several collaborative lab spaces.The center houses plenty of technology to enhance student learning, such as an RFID enabled diverting conveyor system, anechoic chamber, Faraday cage, and inventory tracking vehicle. All facilities are secured by an RFID enabled access system.

Since opening its doors in 2004, the PolyGAIT Center and RFID Club have been responsible for sponsoring numerous (over 150) successful projects . Project topics include but are not limited to inventory and asset tracking, process analysis and improvement, software and database development, RFID vs. barcode cost-benefit analysis, and RFID cost justification.

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